Shuffle + synopsis meme.

Miss Nothing, Miss Everything

[Cast]: Candice Accola, Dianna Agron, Paul Wesley (requested by @mrs-wesley)

[Song]: The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing

And as I watch you disappear into the ground

My one mistake was that I never let you down  

So I’ll waste my time and I’ll burn my mind

On miss nothing, miss everything

[Synopsis]: ” Beauty is found within.” Maybe, but not for Heidi Zimmerman (Accola), teenage girl who constantly fights her own complexes and hates herself for being such a shy and boring outsider. She envies Lorelai Lewis (Agron) who is an embodiment of all American high school clichés: beautiful, popular and self-confident girl, dating the hottest guy at school; Michael (Wesley). One day Heidi makes a desperate move and goes to a fortune teller. Fortune teller swears she’s also talented for spells so she offers to cast a spell on her which will maker her live the life she always wanted. The spell really did work. The next day Heidi wakes up in a lovely bed, in a lovely house and oh, also in the body of neither more nor less than Lorelei! It doesn’t take a lot until Heidi begins to enjoy Lorelei’s (or at this moment her own) life. So what if her boyfriend and people around her are wondering why is Lorelei so shy and different? But than she notices something that she did not wanted, Lorelei’s strong personality embodied in her (ex) body, making Heidi interesting and new to all the people around her. And even better, Michael starts to take interesting in Heidi which takes complicated and supernatural events to the maximum of chaos…