The Daenerys fan challenge day 1: Favourite moment or Favourite Season → Season two. ↪ “When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!

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The dragon has three heads. There are two men in the world who I can trust, if I can find them. I will not be alone then. We will be three against the world, like Aegon and his sisters.

season 1

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Klaus & Caroline as Hades and Persephone

It’s a game to them. Predator and prey; death and life; man and woman. Where he leaves destruction in his wake, her radiance brings it back to life. The earth turns black under his tread, but is revived as she follows. She pursues him for once. He’s not in control.

His obsidian eyes replicate the black shade of the night around them as he maps her every movement. She can see the fire rising from his body, tempting her to approach like a flesh eating bird to its quarry. It’s almost second nature.

When she’s with him, she’s a huntress. She watches him with hardened eyes as he circles her. The distance between them begins to dwindle and soon all she can hear are his ragged breaths. She never backs away; she doesn’t want to.

When she’s with him, she’s strong; she’s unafraid; she’s a queen.

"You’ll have to chose," he whispers against her jugular as they lay amongst nettles and belladonna. She know’s he’s right but she won’t admit it. He had somehow wormed him way under her skin and tore it up as he went. There was no turning back; he had his hand wound in her heartstrings and he wasn’t letting go. She wasn’t ready for him to let go.

"Then teach me to stay." (x)

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Join Our Club" Vogue UK September 2014 By Alasdair Mclellan

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Harry Lloyd by Arved Colvin-Smith [x]

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